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Outdoor Retreats for Men in Recovery

The Appalachian Trail

We went on a two-day wilderness retreat with 10 HUM clients and 5 men from St. Mo’s Church. Together we walked and talked the 17 miles of the Appalachian Trail that end in Harper’s Ferry, WV.

Video edited by HUM client Ashanti.

Camp Wabanna

As we have each spring and fall for the past several years, we took two groups of 40 men to Camp Wabanna in Edgewater, Maryland, for an overnight retreat experience.

Day 1 photos by HUM client Jesse.


Day 2 photos by HUM client Ashanti.

Video: Randy vs. People-Pleasing

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“I’m a big people pleaser. I’ll go out of my way just to be accepted in some shape or form… I did whatever I could to fit in wherever I could, just for that reassurance that I’m a good person. I was always the one at the bar who would buy the round of drinks for everybody, and come the end of the night I’m broke.

“So now I work on the 4th floor treatment office… it has helped me because I can’t let people slide – we have to hold people accountable. I have to be fair but firm, and I think that’s helping me because I can’t be everyone’s best friend.

“It’s given me the chance to say no to people, it gives me a chance to set that boundary. Rather than pleasing them so that they will accept me, I know that God accepts me, and I know that I can work through Him to make someone else happy.”

—— Randy, 4 months 22 days clean and sober

While in recovery from substance abuse, Randy is finding freedom from an life-long pattern that contributed to his addiction: people-pleasing. See how his work therapy in the Treatment Office has proved particularly helpful in overcoming his codependent tendencies.

Recap: Videos, photos, and music from our 2017 Banquet

This past Sunday, we gathered at Martin’s West to celebrate over 120 men who have graduated in the past year. If you weren’t there, these videos, songs, and photos will give you a taste of the event – and if you were there, it will bring back good memories!


Here’s a highlight reel of the event, featuring graduates, clients, and supporters of HUM:

Watch all the videos we premiered at the banquet (plus a few more) here:

Videos Debuting at our 2016 Banquet

Dom’s interview:

Nick’s and his mother’s interview:

Matt’s interview:

Bob’s remarks:


The opening choir medley:

Kirk and his sister sing The Impossible Dream:


Thanks to Skip of Jenny Beck Photos for these event pics:

Videos and Interviews at our 2017 Graduation Banquet

Today is our 2017 Graduation Banquet! For us at Helping Up Mission, it’s one of the most memorable moments of the year. We partnered with Mozell Films again this year to produce several new videos, and today we’re premiering them! We’re also interviewing several of our graduates, many of whom have been interviewed on our Stories page as well: Dominique (audio interview) Nick (audio and written interview forthcoming) Julio (audio and written interview) James (audio and written interview) We hope you enjoy watching, hearing, and sharing these stories!

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A Visit from Dr. Diane Langberg

Last month, we had the privilege of welcoming Diane Langberg to our campus for a visit. Dr. Langberg is a practicing psychologist whose clinical expertise includes 45 years of working with trauma survivors and clergy. She speaks internationally on topics related to trauma, ministry and the Christian life. Lessons from a Life of Counseling Dr. Langberg shared with our staff and interns some of what she’s learned from 45 years of counseling people who have survived sexual abuse and other kinds of …

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HUM & Lenny’s in the BBJ

Helping Up will be using the old Lenny’s location on Corned Beef Row as a temporary kitchen and cafeteria for our men, while our own kitchen is being renovated. This article in the Baltimore Business Journal is on point about the development. To read the whole story click below Lenny’s Delicatessen on Corned Beef Row closing after 26 years

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