2016 United Way and Employee Giving Campaigns

In 2016, Helping Up Mission has been accepted into and is participating in the following employee giving campaigns.

Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign in the Chesapeake Bay and the National Capital areas. This is for employees of the federal government. Number 77247.

United Way

Maryland Charity Campaign

The Maryland Charity Campaign is for employees of the State of Maryland. Number 4182.

United Way 3

Combined Charity Campaign of the City of Baltimore

The Combined Charity Campaign for employess and retirees of Baltimore City. Number 4182.

United Way 3

United Way of Central Maryland

The United Way of Central Maryland Workplace Giving campaign provides paycheck reduction giving for various private companies throughout the region. Number 4182.

If you are an employee of the federal government, State of Maryland, or Baltimore City, click on the appropriate link to take you to their web page for more information or further instructions. Private employees may also contribute through the United Way if their company is participating.

Or you can make a secure donation online directly on our website.