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We can't fix everything - BUT WE CAN FIX THIS.

Helping Up Mission is a community of hope. We help men and women fighting addiction and homelessness get their lives back. Our comprehensive recovery programs address root issues of substance abuse and poverty. As one person is healed, Greater Baltimore is raised up.

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Raising Up Story of the Month
“HUM feels like home to me.”

“HUM feels like home to me.”

“I was 23, attending Temple University, and working for a health insurance company,” Serina recalls. “Things were hectic, but I was living life. Then one day I woke up, shut the blinds, closed my door, and didn’t come out for three days.” Soon after, Serina was diagnosed with manic depression. She couldn’t believe it … wouldn’t believe it. In an act of denial, she stopped taking her prescribed medication and dropped out of school. Things went downhill fast from there. ...
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Now it's up to us

God’s healing flows through the hands of His servants, and we all have a role to play. Together, we can restore men and women fighting addiction and homelessness, so they can lead productive, responsible lives.