During an average year, Baltimore City officials estimate there are about 5,200 people experiencing homelessness across OUR city.

Each one a precious man or woman created in the image of God. Many are looking to overcome homelessness or addiction… but don’t know how to begin.

Transforming a life doesn’t happen overnight. It takes God’s grace and hope for the future. Caring friends to walk alongside every step of the way. Counseling to overcome past trauma. Classes to learn new skills. And the ongoing support of dedicated friends like YOU!

Will you offer a lifetime of hope to HUM guests by joining us as a monthly giver?

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Look at the difference your monthly support makes!

Mike, Shawnte, and Michael have hope for the future for the first time in a long time – thanks to the kindness of friends like you. Please take a minute to watch their stories and see the impact you can make by becoming a monthly giver (we call them Helping Up Heroes!).

Today, YOU CAN BE A HERO for someone in need!

$35/month can provide 15 hot, nutritious meals.

$35/month can provide 15 hot, nutritious meals.

$50/month can provide 3 nights of shelter.

$50/month can provide 3 nights of shelter.

$75/month can provide job training to promote stability.

$75/month can provide job training to promote stability.

Whatever you can give monthly will help save and transform lives!

Join now!

Stronger, Together

Helping Up Mission offers proven, holistic care to help men and women overcome trauma, addiction, homelessness, abuse, and other challenges. Our year-long Spiritual Recovery Program provides the ongoing care and support guests need to restore and rebuild their lives.

And just as it takes a community of hope here at HUM, we rely on a community of compassionate friends like you. Your reliable, monthly support as a Helping Up Hero ensures we have resources in place to offer healing and hope to every hurting person who comes through our doors.



Many of the men and women we serve have experienced unimaginable trauma. They need loving care and one-on-one support to overcome the root issues that may have led to addiction or homelessness.

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It takes time and hard work for our guests to complete their journey of healing and restoration. Your monthly support shows them you care and stand beside them, cheering them on every step of the way.

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We are committed to being responsible stewards of all that God has given us. Monthly giving as a Helping Up Hero not only lowers your costs (no stamps or checks!), but lowers our fundraising costs, so more of your money directly impacts lives.


Choose the monthly amount that’s right for you.


Set up monthly gifts through your checking account or credit card – in minutes!


You can adjust the amount of your monthly gift or cancel at any time.


You provide stable, consistent funding so we can be better prepared to serve everyone who turns to us.


Every new monthly giver helps ensure we can keep our doors open and save more lives.

Meet some of our community heroes!

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“So many people in Baltimore are suffering. When I heard their stories I knew I had to do something. I learned that Helping Up Mission has proven programs for neighbors in need, so I give each month to provide nourishing meals, safe shelter, counseling, job training and a better life.”

– Jennifer Gehman Meltzer, monthly giver

Khatira Williams

“By the grace of God, this place has totally changed my perspective and my life. I learned there’s not one thing that would make me whole – there’s a puzzle that needed to be put together, meaning the spiritual side, mental health, therapy, recovery. All of it plays a part.”

– Khatira, Spiritual Recovery Program client

Jose Fernandez

“They told me it was a whole year program and I was kind of scared, but I didn’t have a choice – I knew I needed the help and to stay here, no matter what. I want to get better… my wife and kids need me. Now I feel good with God again and have that peace I can feel in my heart.”

– Jose, Spiritual Recovery Program client

Thank You! Your Impact Will Be Tremendous!

Last year, committed friends of Helping Up Mission provided:

613,200 meals
204,400 nights of shelter
300,000+ items of clothing and personal care
27,000+ counseling sessions
A fresh start for 117 Spiritual Recovery Program graduates!