Helping Up Mission now offers isolation beds for Baltimore’s Covid-positive homeless

BY FERN SHEN10:58 AM JAN 12, 2023

After advocates bemoan the loss of safe spaces for infected people to isolate, Mayor Scott turns to a nonprofit.

Amid criticism about the lack of emergency housing in Baltimore for those who are Covid positive and homeless, the city is partnering with Helping Up Mission to house people discharged from local hospitals who are in need of space to isolate.

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Baltimore City offers new COVID-19 isolation services to homeless community

BALTIMORE — The City of Baltimore is stepping up its efforts to keep homeless people safe during COVID outbreaks.

Today the city announced new plans to partner with Helping Up Mission to house COVID-19 patients in need of isolation services.

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New street outreach brings access to services to Baltimore’s homeless population

By: Dominick Philippe-Auguste

Posted at 5:25 PM, Sep 14, 2022 and last updated 5:25 PM, Sep 14, 2022

BALTIMORE — The Helping Up Mission has launched a new Street Outreach Program to try to lend a hand to Baltimore’s homeless men and women.

The program is a solution that responds to the growing need to provide information, essential care and life-changing services to individuals in need.

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