Helping Up Mission is a community of hope. We help men fighting addiction and homelessness get their lives back. Our comprehensive recovery programs address root issues of substance abuse and poverty. As one man is healed, Greater Baltimore is raised up.

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Focus on Recovery - Elroy Hutcherson

Thanks to you… Elroy has his High School Diploma!

Elroy Hutcherson was born in Virginia and raised in West Baltimore.  “My family has always been a church family,” says Elroy.  “My four siblings and I were raised in the church. “My dad and uncles drank.  Even though it wasn’t out of control, it was something that I noticed as a child.  When I was 16, I started smoking cigarettes and drinking beer with my buddies.
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God’s healing flows through the hands of His servants, and we all have a role to play. Together, we can restore men fighting addiction and homelessness, so they can lead productive, responsible lives.