Helping Up Mission’s Inspiring Hope Campaign

Helping Up Mission is a community of hope. We help men and women fighting addiction and homelessness get their lives back. Our comprehensive recovery programs address root issues of substance abuse and poverty. As one person is healed, Greater Baltimore is raised up.

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Raising Up Story of the Month


Vernon Vernon, 62, was raised by his mom and dad in East Baltimore. One of six children, Vernon says of his parents, “they taught us discipline. The neighborhood knew we were disciplined. We were taught to be respectful. My mom is old school from the south. You say “what”, you got knocked upside the head. We all had to eat dinner together. We went to church together. I was poor but didn’t realize it. I was rich because I came ...
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Now it's up to us

God’s healing flows through the hands of His servants, and we all have a role to play. Together, we can restore men and women fighting addiction and homelessness, so they can lead productive, responsible lives.