No one should ever have to sleep on a sidewalk for a bed, or search through a dumpster for food. Yet more people than ever in Greater Baltimore are struggling with homelessness and addiction right now.

On a given night in 2022, 1,597 people were homeless in Baltimore.

So many are living in despair and use alcohol or drugs to soothe their pain.

Nearly 3,000 people in Maryland died last year from an accidental overdose.

Our city’s men and women need guidance to find a new way forward in life… they need God’s love… they need to know someone cares. As Ryan shares, they need someone to show them they can change.

YOU make all this help possible at Helping Up Mission!


Compassionate care for men and women struggling with homelessness and addiction.



A part of Baltimore since 1885, Helping Up Mission offers life-changing care to men and women struggling with homelessness, poverty, and addiction.

Working together with our community, our ministry seeks to:

RESCUE those in immediate crisis.

Our Mobile Street Outreach program is reaching 111 people on Baltimore’s street each month. We start by providing food and care to meet their immediate needs.

Then, we share the message of God’s love and invite them to come to HUM to get the long-term care they need to rebuild their lives.

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RESTORE people’s dignity and sense of self-worth.

We shelter 560 people every night. Here, they have a warm, welcoming environment and receive all the support they need to overcome abuse, homelessness, and addiction.

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Safe Overnight Shelter

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Nutritious Meals

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Refreshing Showers

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Clean Clothing & Shoes

RENEW lives through Biblically based programs

More than 834 men and women enter our year-long Spiritual Recovery Program each year. Every person receives individualized care to help address the root cause of their addiction or homelessness… and the unwavering commitment of our staff as they return to wholeness through God’s love.

Through counseling, classes, substance abuse and mental health services, Bible study, and other personal care, lives are renewed and families rebuilt.

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Supporters like you help our most vulnerable neighbors find hope and
healing at HUM… and a second chance in life.


Deadline: Dec. 31

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Men and women in Greater Baltimore should never be trapped in homelessness… addiction… or despair. Your support offers them loving care at Helping Up Mission. And the best way to restore hearts and lives every day of the year is to become a monthly giver today!

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starts with caring people like YOU!

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“I wanted to have a career in the Navy, then found out I had epilepsy and was medically discharged. I fell into a huge spiral of depression and started drinking heavily. Then my dad dropped me off at HUM, where I was welcomed with open arms. Now I know I can’t do it all on my own… I need God to guide me and give me strength.”

Manuel, a resident in our men’s
Spiritual Recovery Program

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“I was abused at age 5 and started drinking to cover up the pain. I used drugs for 30-something years… I was spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally bankrupt. When I came here, I gave God a chance and that was the best decision I ever made. This place and these people make you want to change. Now I’m at peace.”

Alice, a resident in our women’s
Spiritual Recovery Program

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“I couldn’t physically do my job any longer and retired. I moved away and lost contact with everybody, then COVID hit. After four years of isolation and drinking, I was a train wreck. Here, I reestablished my relationship with God and they helped me change the way I think, feel, and act. There’s something special about this place.”

Mike, a graduate of our men’s
Spiritual Recovery Program