Meet our most vulnerable neighbors:
women and children

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As our city and region grapple with poverty, addiction, and homelessness, hurting women and children often suffer most.

They need our help.

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Women experience homelessness each night in the city of Baltimore.

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Fastest growing

Women and children are the fastest-growing population experiencing homelessness.

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Of those experiencing homelessness in Baltimore are families.

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6 or younger

Almost half of all children without homes are under age 6.

Women on the streets live in constant fear for themselves and their children. They’re vulnerable to becoming victims of violence.

This is a city-wide emergency. Something has to change.

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Together, let’s
welcome them home

Now, you have the power to make a huge difference for our community’s most vulnerable.

Helping Up Mission’s Center for Women & Children opened its doors to women in early 2022 – and soon, we’ll offer a refuge for mothers with infants. This state-of-the-art, 145,000-square-foot facility — with room for up to 200 women and 50 children — provides:

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Nourishing, healthy meals

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Safe shelter, with special family suites

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Clothes, toiletries, and feminine hygiene items

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Counseling, Bible classes, and addiction recovery

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Health and dental care

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Education and workforce development

Using Helping Up Mission’s proven recovery principles, the Center will help women and children holistically — body, soul, and spirit — giving them a path out of homelessness to transformed lives.

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Give a gift that says
“Welcome home” today

You can help a woman get off the streets and begin a new life with God’s help.

Your gift will help provide meals, shelter, and life-changing care.


Thank you for your generosity. Your gift helps welcome women today – and starting in early 2023, we will welcome women with infants. Your online donation is secure. Helping Up Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.