No one should ever have to sleep on a bench for a bed, or search through a trash can for food.
Yet more people than ever in Baltimore are struggling with homelessness and addiction right now.

On a given night in 2022, 1,597 people were experiencing homelessness in Baltimore.

32% of them were women… and 20% had children.

So many are living in despair and use alcohol or drugs to soothe their pain.

67% of men and 36% of women said this was their biggest challenge.

Nearly 3,000 people in Maryland died over the past year from an accidental overdose.

Baltimore has the highest overdose fatality rate in the U.S.

Our city’s men and women need guidance to find a new way forward in life… they need God’s love… they need to know someone cares about them.

YOU make all this help possible at Helping Up Mission!



A part of Baltimore since 1885, Helping Up Mission offers life-changing care to men and women struggling with homelessness, poverty, abuse and addiction.

Working together with our community, our ministry seeks to:

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Rescue those in
immediate crisis.

Our Mobile Street Outreach
program is reaching 85 people on
Baltimore’s street each month.

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Restore people’s
dignity and sense of

We offer safe shelter for 500 people each week.

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Renew the lives of men
and women through
Biblically based programs

More than 819 men and women enter
our year-long Spiritual Recovery
Program each year.

Supporters like you help our most vulnerable neighbors find hope and healing at HUM… and a second chance in life.

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Give men and women struggling with homelessness and addiction

A NEW WAY FORWARD at Helping Up Mission



It should NEVERbe:

Many men and women who struggle with homelessness and addiction are surviving by living in tents or abandoned buildings, under bridges and panhandling on street corners.

Many don’t know about the services offered at Helping Up Mission… or aren’t ready to walk through our doors themselves. So we go out to them!

“I was out there, fighting with myself, seven years on the streets. I chose drugs over housing. And I was hungry and tired. HUM’s outreach team brought me in. I got a shower, a new haircut, and an avenue to channel hurt feelings from my past trauma.”

— Dylan, currently a resident in our Spiritual Recovery Program

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The solution:

Our Street Outreach Program reaches out to people living on sidewalks and in tent encampments with food and life-changing care.

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“Our Street Outreach Team’s goal is to establish trust and develop relationships with the men and women they meet on our city streets with the ultimate goal of bringing them to Helping Up Mission where they can recover and change their lives for good.”

— Bob Gehman, HUM’s CEO

With your support, men and women are breaking the cycle of homelessness and addiction through:

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Safe Overnight Shelter

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Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services

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Nutritious Meals

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Refreshing Showers

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Clean Clothing & Shoes

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In Our Year-Long Spiritual Recovery Program

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Our Street Outreach Program is reaching our most vulnerable neighbors with the immediate and long-term help available to them at HUM.



It should NEVERbe:

More than 500 women in Baltimore were homeless on a given night in 2022. Do you know their stories?

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“After two years of sobriety, I lost my job and turned back to alcohol… drinking instead of caring for my son. I wasn’t taking my medication. I needed to change… so I came to Helping Up Mission.”

— Rene, a graduate of our Spiritual Recovery Program and current Staff Member

The solution:

Our Center for Women & Children offers women a safe, loving home where they can recover from challenges like homelessness and addiction.

Our Center has room for up to 200 women and their children. Soon we’ll be offering rooms at our Center to homeless mothers with infants who need a refuge where they can rest, recover and grow.

“Having a space just for women is imperative to make sure they feel safe and secure… many have dealt with years of abuse and trauma from men. Every part of our Center for Women & Children speaks to healing. We’re changing the trajectory of what recovery programs for women look like and helping women empower women.”

— Pam Wilkerson, HUM’s Director, Center for Women & Children

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With your support, our Center for Women & Children helps women break the cycle of homelessness and addiction through:

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Safe Emergency Shelter

(With A Door That Locks!)

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Nutritious Meals

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Daily Essentials

Like Clothing & Toiletries

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Homelike Setting

To help Women Feel Valued

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Health & Dental Care

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In Our Year-Long Women’s Spiritual Recovery Program

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Our Center for Women & Children is giving homeless women – and soon, homeless mothers with infants – a safe, supportive home.



It should NEVER be:

Nearly a third of those experiencing homelessness said that substance abuse led to their homelessness. Even more were struggling with homelessness due to a mental health issue. Many do not know where to turn.

The solution:

Our Spiritual Recovery Program offers the time and support – every step of the way – for men and women to recover from homelessness, addiction and mental instability.

At any given time, we have over 540 men and women on our campuses in various stages of recovery. Each receives the individualized care that helps address the root cause of their addiction or homelessness… and the unwavering commitment of our staff as they return to wholeness through God’s love.

With your support, our Spiritual Recovery Program helps men and women break the cycle of homelessness and addiction through:

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A Safe, Homelike Living Environment

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Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services

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Biblically Based Classes & Discipleship

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Job Training For Work With A Living Wage

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Health & Dental Care

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Uplifting, Communal-Based Living

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Our Spiritual Recovery Program is supporting men and women as they recover from homelessness and addiction – and rebuild a stable foundation in their lives.


Deadline: Dec. 31

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Baltimore’s men and women should never be trapped in homelessness… addiction… or left with nowhere to turn.

Thanks to your support, they’ll always find care at Helping Up Mission!

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