Message from the Co-Chairs

Inspiring Hope Campaign 2

Dear Friend,

We are excited to be Co-Chairing the Helping Up Mission Inspiring Hope Campaign
to serve Women and Children in need.

When we were asked to lead this $61 million campaign to provide a home
environment for over 210 women (and their children) who are battling addiction,
we just knew we had to step up. HUM has a proven 12-month residential spiritual
recovery program for men. It’s time we offer it to women.

With the major drug epidemic ravaging our city and surrounding counties that has
led to much of the violence and death we hear about each day, we continually ask
ourselves, “What can we do to help? How can we make a difference?” For more
than 100 years, HUM has been serving men in need, and now they are addressing
the urgent need to serve women battling addiction and homelessness. By giving
to the Inspiring Hope Campaign, you too can make a truly life changing difference
in the lives of many hurting women and their children, and future generations to

Please join us in giving generously to the Inspiring Hope Campaign so together we
can provide hope for so many women and children in our community and beyond.

With sincere appreciation,

Gayle & Frank Kelly III

Campaign Cabinet

Bob Gehman, CEO, HUM
Gayle and Frank Kelly, III, Campaign Co-Chairs
Kristen Anderson, Campaign Director
Chuck Knudsen, Campaign Leadership Chair
Stuart Erdman, Campaign Cabinet
Ellen Knudsen, Campaign Cabinet
Keith Lewis, Campaign Cabinet
Kris Sharrar, Campaign Cabinet
Mike Stitcher, Campaign Cabinet
Eileen Toohey, Carter, Campaign Counsel

HUM Board of Directors

Robert F. Ohler, Board President
Bruce R. Mortimer, Board Vice President
David M. Wyand, Board Secretary
Matt Bauer, Board Treasurer
Chuck Piel
Debbie I. Wooden
John A. Ammon
Stuart A. Erdman
Keith W. Hiss
Charles E. Knudsen
Mary A. Lashley, Ph.D.
Kimberly N. Lewis
David E. McQuay
Michael Stitcher

For more information please contact:

Kristen Anderson, Campaign Director or 410-675-7500 x127
1029 E Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21202