Life was slipping away . . .
but my kids deserve a father.

Jamar's Story

I wasn’t eating for weeks at a time,” Jamar says, recalling life before coming to Helping Up Mission. “I lost an incredibly large amount of weight. And I just lost touch with everything. All I wanted was to get high.”

Jamar’s 10-year battle with addiction began in his early 20s — first with cocaine and ultimately crack. The pull of these drugs robbed him of everything that really mattered to him: his job, his friendships, his self-worth. He even walked away from his fiancé and two young daughters.

But Jesus doesn’t give up on people like Jamar, and here at Helping Up Mission, we don’t either. Through the compassionate support of caring people like you, Jamar began our proven spiritual recovery program, and today God is working a miracle in his life.

This place has completely turned my life around,” Jamar says. “My mom sees it. My kids see it. My fiancé sees it. My whole family is absolutely proud. And I feel amazing. I’ve never felt this good and had the energy that I have now.

Thank you for giving hope and making this possible!

Jamar's Story

In addition to his recovery classes and counseling, Jamar is currently working to earn his high school diploma and is already making plans to pursue higher education when he graduates from our program. Perhaps most important, he’s reconnected with his very supportive family and is excited about life ahead with his children and soon-to-be bride. This would not have happened without generous and caring friends like you. Thank you!

Jamar knows the care he’s receiving at the Mission is made possible through the generosity of others and is beyond grateful for everyone who has played a part in helping him reclaim his life. “It’s nice to know that people care about me and want to help,” he says. “It’s definitely a blessing!”

You can change someone’s life today. Please, help others like Jamar find new life!