2022 and the (Amazing!) Good You Made Possible

Thanks to your compassion and support this year, men and women struggling with homelessness and addiction found healing and hope at Helping Up Mission. Here’s a peek at the amazing good you helped make possible in fiscal year 2022 … and the lives you helped save too!

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January eNewsletter 2021 13
January eNewsletter 2021 14
January eNewsletter 2023 12
January eNewsletter 2023 4
January eNewsletter 2023 6
January eNewsletter 2023 8
January eNewsletter 2023 5

These statistics demonstrate the amazing good that happens when caring people in our community join hands and hearts to help others. Your compassion throughout 2022 impacted the lives of so many people struggling with homelessness and addiction.

Because of friends like you, vulnerable neighbors received safe shelter, nourishing meals, and the chance for new life in Christ.

Thank you for opening your heart to those in need of hope and a fresh start in their lives!