How can you help? - Continuous Need for Homemade Masks/pre-made Masks / Mask making supplies to Fight COVID-19

We are in continuous need of face masks for clients and staff who are working on our campuses, food pantries, and residential programs. With campus restrictions commencing at Helping Up Mission, the timing is urgent. 


COVID-19 brings unprecedented threats to the individuals and communities we serve – many of whom are highly susceptible to the virus –  those experiencing homelessness, and those fighting addiction.  

Be a part of the team from the comfort of your own home by donating home-made masks to Helping Up Mission. 

These donated face masks will be laundered, sanitized, and distributed to our clients and staff.  

Place masks in a plastic bag first before putting them into an envelope or box addressed to: 

1029 E. Baltimore St. Baltimore, MD, 21202  

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Cannon at 410-675-7500 ext. 1147 or email 

Refer to these videos to help you get you started: