You Gave Dashawn a Safe Haven… and Hope!

You Gave Dashawn a Safe Haven… and Hope!

Dashawn never imagined she’d be in a battle with addiction. But when her mother passed away suddenly, she found herself turning to alcohol to ease the pain.

“I was hurting and I was coping with the alcohol,” she says. “It was my solution. I started drinking more and more as a way of grieving, and I went from being a social drinker to an addict.”

In time, Dashawn started missing work because of the drinking. She eventually lost her job, and soon after she was evicted from her home. At her lowest point, she was living out of her car.

“I’d been to detox a couple of times,” Dashawn says. “But I wasn’t getting the help that I needed and things were just getting worse. My brother told me about Helping Up Mission’s women’s center and said I should check it out.”

Because Dashawn had seen the amazing transformation her brother had made through our men’s program, she arrived full of hope.

“Before coming to Helping Up Mission, I felt like I’d lost everything,” Dashawn says. “But here I felt loved – they really cared and treated us with kindness. Now, I’m doing very well and have been sober and clean for over two years.”

Upon graduation from our Spiritual Recovery Program, Dashawn took a part-time job at our Center for Women and Children, and today she holds a full-time position as a transportation coordinator, making sure our residents get to doctors’ appointments, dental check-ups and the like.

“HUM has been a safe haven and a safety net for me,” Dashawn says. “They supported me from my worst to my best.”

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Dashawn’s story of hope and healing at HUM is incredible… and made possible by you. Our Spiritual Recovery Program offers men and women the guidance and love to change their lives forever. Give a gift now to help more people like Dashawn find a second chance and a new way forward in life!

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