They’ve saved my life …

“Life got overwhelming after my husband died,” says Fran, a retired accountant of more than 20 years. “A doctor told me a beer at night wouldn’t hurt. It was supposed to help me relax and sleep through the night. But for me it wasn’t just one beer. I’d have another, then another.

“All of a sudden I’m drinking a six pack at night, and I don’t even know how it happened.”


For five long years, Fran struggled with her addiction. Deep down, she knew this wasn’t how she wanted to live. She also knew she couldn’t change on her own — she would need help.

“One day I woke up thinking, this is ridiculous,” Fran says. “I had to find some help somewhere, because stopping was not an option without knowing how to do it. But every program I called had no room or was just awful.”

Thankfully, Fran’s sister called Helping Up Mission to see if we might have room, and we welcomed Fran with open arms.

That first day with us was scary for Fran. She had never been in any kind of rehab program and was sure she’d never make it. But through the kindness, respect, and genuine caring of our staff, her fears were gradually replaced with hope as she worked through our Spiritual Recovery Program.

“This place is a godsend,” Fran says. “If it weren’t for the Mission, I know I’d be drunk, lying out in the gutter somewhere. But they’ve given me the information and the tools to complete the program. They’ve saved my life and they’re helping me get it back.”

Fran is deeply grateful for the care she received but is quick to note there are many other women like her who desperately need to be at HUM. “There are women out there who need to be here; they need the help,” she says.

Your generous support today will open doors for more hurting women to find restoration and reclaim their lives. Thank you for believing in them and for standing with us on their behalf!

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