“When you come here, it’s like you’re home.”

"When you come here, it’s like you’re home.” 2

When George arrived at Helping Up Mission last fall, he was shaking so badly he could hardly walk. Heavy drinking had taken a severe toll on the one-time construction worker, and after the repeated urging of a pastor, George finally agreed he needed help.

“I was homeless and not in good shape,” George says. “I was scared, hopeless, ashamed, and I desperately wanted a drink. But deep down I was tired of being an alcoholic.”

George was welcomed off of the streets with open arms and without judgment, and he quickly realized this is where God wanted him. “HUM is a very respectful place,” he says. “When you come here, it’s like you’re home.”

With support from caring friends like you, George entered our life-changing Spiritual Recovery Program, built on proven strategies to overcome addiction and homelessness. And today, he is nothing like the shell of a man who walked through our doors a year ago. Now, he’s healthy and energetic. He runs our intake department, welcoming other hurting men to HUM. And he’s pursuing education through online classes.

Perhaps most important, George feels more connected to God. “Now, I start my days with prayer,” he says. “Every day, I go to the chapel in the morning, kneel down, and pray.”

George will soon graduate from our program, and he is forever grateful for the help and hope you’ve provided through your support. “The people who support this place are a blessing,” he says.

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 George’s story of hope and healing at HUM is incredible… and made possible by you. Our Spiritual Recovery Program offers men and women the guidance and love to change their lives forever. Give a gift now to help more people like George a second chance and a new way forward in life!