“I used to come into the chapel, and sit in the end seat on the third row, and just cry and pray. I could see where yesterday’s tears had dried on the floor beneath my chair. Meanwhile my wife is in Georgia, alone on her birthday… I didn’t know how I could stay here for the year, but I knew I had to. One day I wrote this poem⠀

I can’t seem to remember⠀
My very first step⠀
For what lays before me⠀
There’s no way I can prep⠀

The path of addiction⠀
So dark and so bleak⠀
My body is broken⠀
My soul is so weak⠀

Iv’e danced with the devil⠀
Now it’s time to come home⠀
Forget what he told you⠀
It hurts to be alone⠀

The floor of this chapel⠀
Has been painted with tears⠀
Of brothers in the struggle⠀
Letting go of their fears⠀

Put down the guilt⠀
Let go of the pain⠀
Come sit in this chapel⠀
And let tears fall like rain.” from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2hS9OyQ