Homelessness and Addiction: Two Crises Intrinsically Linked to Each Other

Homelessness and Addiction: Two Crises Intrinsically Linked to Each OtherBy Gregory J. Alexander, Contributing Writer

“Homelessness drives people in here, whether if it’s because they’re on the street or they’re living in
an encampment, or their addiction has just caused their family or other loved ones to just say, ‘Look, you know, you can’t be here anymore,’” says Daniel Stoltzfus, CEO of Helping Up Mission. HUM has impacted the lives of those experiencing homelessness…

Homelessness and Addiction: Two Crises Intrinsically Linked to Each Other 2

Homelessness and Addiction: Two Crises Intrinsically Linked to Each Other 1

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Helping Up Mission expands to house families

Saturday, January 21, 2023
Robert Lang, WBAL NewsRadio 1090 and FM 101.5

The Helping Up Mission, which has provided housing and drug treatment for adults, will soon offer housing for mothers and their children.

It is a landmark on East Baltimore Street. For more than 100 years, the Helping Up Mission has been helping homeless and drug-addicted men get their lives back on track.

A few years ago, they opened a separate women’s shelter right up the street, and in a few weeks, the shelter will provide housing for mothers with children.

WBAL NewsRadio  talked about that this week with Dan Stoltzfus, the new CEO of the Helping Up Mission, for Sunday’s WBAL News Now Weekend Edition.

LISTEN: Dan Stoltzfus speaks with WBAL’s Robert Lang


Our New CEO Dan Stoltzfus Shares What Brought Him to Helping Up Mission

As I introduce myself and my new role as CEO of Helping Up Mission, I want to share a little of the journey that brought me to HUM. It began 14 years ago when I met Bob Gehman at Citygate—the national associations of Missions like HUM. I was so intrigued to learn more about HUM’s partnerships and programs that I drove down from New York City, where I served another Citygate Mission at the time.  From that first time I set foot on campus, I knew Helping Up Mission was a special place.

Over a ten-year period, I was able to visit HUM several times. After each visit, I left inspired by the depth and impact of the Spiritual Recovery Program and the breadth of their community partnerships. I developed a deep appreciation for the unique, holistic approach and community partnership-driven strategies of HUM. 

In the fall of 2018, I accepted the offer to join the HUM team as a leader for programs and operations. But there was one challenge—my family and I were living in Arizona where I served as CEO of a faith-based organization offering help and hope for those in need in Tucson.  My youngest daughter was a senior in high school and my wife was under contract to teach that school year.

I proposed a temporary solution—if a room was available, I would live on the HUM campus for about 6-8 months while my family remained in Arizona. This arrangement was set up and my work began. I went back and forth to visit them every couple weekends.  I didn’t recognize it at the time, but as I look back, I see I was inadvertently pioneering an immersion program at HUM.

 I was assigned a room in one of our graduate transitional houses on the 1100 block of E. Baltimore St. I experienced what it was like when there was a power outage on campus at 2 am. I navigated some snowstorms as a resident on campus and enjoyed sliding into the dinner line incognito after a run.  We eventually found a home for our family in Baltimore City and got everyone moved from Arizona, but I will always treasure those months in the “HUM Immersion Program.”  It gave me a unique perspective on the programs, the team and the value of the community at HUM.

 From that vantage point, and after service at HUM over the past several years—it is truly a humbling honor to accept this opportunity to serve alongside a dedicated, diverse team of staff and partners as the new CEO at HUM.  It will be a joy to continue to work with Bob in his new role as President Emeritus to continue to build and develop this community of hope we call Helping Up Mission.

 If you haven’t had the opportunity for your own “immersion” into our campus at HUM—I’d love to show you around and share more about the impact you have by investing in Helping Up Mission.

 Serving with you,

K. Daniel Stoltzfus, CEO
Helping Up Mission

A Special Update from Bob Gehman

You may have heard the news that I am moving into a new role as President Emeritus of Helping Up Mission after 28 wonderful years of serving as CEO. I’ve planned a long time for this transition, and as I take this step, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for friends like you. And you’ll see some of the impact of your support as you read this e-newsletter.

This new role of President Emeritus was created by the Helping Up Mission Board of Directors for me to cultivate, strengthen and expand relationships with donors and partners like you. In addition to being a consultant to our new CEO and Board, I’ll continue teaching leadership and spiritual life classes for our Spiritual Recovery Program. This opportunity allows me to make a significant contribution, do things I love to do, and not have to carry the daily burden of the CEO responsibilities. I’m excited!

But I’m even more excited about the vision of turning leadership over to the next generation and ensuring that continuity and momentum continues for the sake of so many people who need the help HUM offers every day. I view the facilitation of leadership change as my last major CEO responsibility.

Beyond that, I’m excited about the announcement that Dan Stoltzfus, who has served as HUM’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), was selected by the HUM Board as the next HUM CEO. Dan and I have worked together for over four years. He has the Christian faith, character, talent and experience needed for the role. I could not be happier. With Dan as CEO, you can expect HUM to continue its present path of excellence in serving the needs of thousands of people struggling with poverty, addiction and homelessness.

In my new role as President Emeritus, I’m looking forward to working with Dan to support his leadership success and that of HUM.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and continued support during this historic leadership role change.


Bob Gehman, President Emeritus
Helping Up Mission

HUM Nov 2022 Donor Update Call

HUM Nov 2022 Donor Update Call



During our Donor Update Call on November 16, 2022, CEO Bob Gehman shared updates on HUM’s current programs and near-future plans:

Topics that were discussed included:

  1. Updates on our newer programs serving women in need in the recently opened Center for Women & Children
  2. Sharing about our work directly in communities in our new mobile street outreach program.
  3. Our plans in early 2023 to serve new moms and their infant children, as the moms seek life-transforming recovery.
  4. And the biggest challenges we face in the days, weeks and months ahead!

Listeners were also given a chance to ask questions during the call.

CEO Conference Call | Dec. 2020

CEO Conference Call | Dec. 2020

During our Donor Conference Call on December 16, 2020, CEO Bob Gehman shared updates on HUM’s future Women’s and Children’s Center: 

 Topics that were discussed included:

  1. How we’re continuing to protect the men and women we’re serving, as well as our staff serving them on the front lines of exposure. 
  2. How we’re progressing in completing the new facility and how we will meet the needs of the children who enter with their mothers.
  3. And the biggest challenges we face in the days, weeks and months ahead!  

Listeners were also given a chance to ask questions during the call.  

CEO Conference Call

During our Donor Conference Call on May 19, 2020, CEO Bob Gehman shared updates on HUM’s response to the coronavirus pandemic: 

 Topics that were discussed included:

  1. How we’re protecting the men and women we’re serving, as well as our staff serving them on the front lines of exposure. 
  2. How we’re persevering in our lifesaving and transforming programs and services in the decades-long pandemic of addiction 
  3. And the biggest challenges we face in the days, weeks and months ahead!  

Listeners were also given a chance to ask questions during the call.  

December 2015 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

We are packed! All of our program beds are filled and 23 men are occupying our overnight guest beds – waiting for the opportunity to have a bed in our residential recovery program.

We are joyful about providing help to those struggling in poverty, homelessness and addiction. In helping them, we also help ourselves and share in God’s love for all of his children. But, we do carry the burden of caring for a very large family and providing all of the resources to meet basic human needs and, additionally, those resources needed to bring life transformation.

During this Christmas season, your gifts are very much needed. I encourage you to allow the deep spiritual meaning and life of Christmas to move you spiritually to give from a motivation that comes from God and his son, Jesus Christ.

To adequately care for the 500+ men here at HUM, it requires thousands of donors making contributions throughout the year but, particularly, during the Christmas season. Thanks to God and thanks to you, contributions increase every year to meet the increased expenses. God always provides for our needs. Year after year, through much Mission growth, God always provides for our needs through generous souls like you.

During this past year, we’ve heard and seen a lot of negativity in our city that concerns us all. But, there is so much good happening as well. You are part of that good that ultimately prevails. So, please know when you give you are saving the lives of men in a life crisis and strengthening their families, which include 350 children, and building a better Baltimore.

Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas season!

With Gratitude,

Robert K. Gehman Executive Director