Chicken Donation

Luke McCusker, who heads up our food services at HUM, took the call in his office.”Hi,” his caller said, “I have a food donation I’d like to make and I was referred to you by the Maryland Food Bank.”

“Great,” said Luke, “what would you like to donate?”

“I have some chicken,” the caller said.

“Wonderful, our men love chicken.” Luke replied. “How much do you have?”

“I have a bucket and half of Kentucky Fried Chicken, plus a side of mashed potatoes and cold slaw.”

” Ah, you do know that we have 350 men in our program?”


“Okay, I’m sure we can we put your bucket and a half of chicken to good use. When will you drop it off?”

“Oh, I can’t come drop it off. I need you to come to my house in Columbia and pick it up.”

Each year over 30,000 people give sacrificially to Helping Up Mission. It takes donations of more than $3 million dollars a year, plus thousands of articles of clothing and toiletries, thousands of hours of professional services (medical, psychological, dental, and legal) and, yes, thousands of pounds of food, to keep the programs of HUM operating. Help us a you can.


Gary A. Byers

Director of Spiritual Life