I Was at Peace for The First Time

Shon P. has been to jail seven times. He hates it. “Every time I even think I might be going to jail, I become extremely anxious and deeply depressed,” said Shon. When he came to HUM Shon was facing possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia charges, plus a failure to appear (FTA) warrant from another jurisdiction.

Shon was ready to flee again. He had a bus ticket in his pocket and was planning to take off the morning of his trial. But the night before, he spent several hours praying. Earlier that day in his discipleship class, the teacher had told Shon that there was nothing wrong with asking God to let him come back to HUM rather than being sent to jail. It was even better though, the teacher said, to pray for God to help him accept whatever was best for him, even if that meant going to jail.

“While I was praying that night something told me, €˜It’s going to be okay,'” Shon said. In the morning, one of the program staff members took Shon to court. There, he pleaded guilty to all the charges and then gave the judge a letter from the HUM program director describing the treatment and training he would receive if he returned to HUM. After a few minutes reflection, the judge gave Shon probation before judgment, sentenced him to probation for one year, and sent him back to HUM to finish the program.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Shon. “Not only did things turn out better than I even hoped for, but all through the process I was at peace for the first time ever.


Gary A Byers

Director of Spiritual Life