Our Men Care

James graduated from our Spiritual Recovery Program in June of 2008. Clean for over a year, he’s got a home group, a sponsor, a home church, and a mentor, which indicates that he’s working faithfully and diligently on his recovery. He’s also been employed regularly and dependably at his job – which has unusual hours – for about six months. James still lives at the Mission in our Graduate Transitional Housing. So while he still lives here most of the new men don’t know James. Even those that are familiar with him don’t see him or get to speak with him very often.

So when James’ mother died and it was announced at the daily Morning Affirmation time, and prayers were offered for him, many of the men asked, “Who’s James?” Since few know James personally, you would assume his troubles might not mean much to other guys. However, that’s not how God works.

Cards and letters were obtained by clients and passed around for everyone to sign. It was all their own doing, showing thoughtfulness for a brother who was hurting. Even though they may not have known him, the men here knew James was in pain and mourning his loss. And they were there for him.

Furthermore, half a dozen men and a pastor came to the funeral.

James continues to work on his recovery, work at his job, and is prayed for and ministered to by so many who care here at Helping Up Mission.

THAT is how God works.


Gary Byers

Director of Spiritual Life