He Can Do It

Bill has two grown children and this past year both of them independently took a page from dad’s playbook and just dropped out of sight.  For almost a year, neither Bill nor his wife knew where they were, or even if either was in a safe place. 

Of course, Bill was battling with his own addiction issues and life got pretty difficult.  He joined our year long Spiritual Recovery Program and began to pray to reconnect with his children.  Now, Bill is a pretty quiet guy and doesn’t do too many things very loud.  So one day he came to class and quietly said to me, “Prayer works!  We prayed for my children to come home and this last week both of them contacted their mother and are coming home.”  Wherever they were and whatever they were doing, God saw them and spoke to them – independently – and they listened.  This was not a coincidence, but a direct answer to prayer.

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director