God Really is Good!

Last week I visited Dave, a old friend, in one of the local hospitals.  Battling cancer, he is presently in a wheelchair without the use of his legs.  While there is genuine hope for his treatment, there are no guarantees. 

I had prepared myself to buck Dave up with good words of confidence in God, despite our circumstances.  Instead, I heard his absolute confidence in God’s goodness, faithfulness and perfect plan.  Dave had no doubt that God had placed him in that hospital at that time and in that condition for a very specific reason.  It is the Christmas season and he will not be home with his family, but Dave saw a bigger picture.  He believed God was in complete control regardless of the circumstances he found himself in that particular day. 

Needless to say, I was inspired by what I heard.  This man was not broken by his situation – instead, he was confident that God was doing his perfect work in his life at the very time. 

What an important life lesson.  When we can get to the place that we are able to let God be God in our lives, we can be set free from the need to try and pull something off or put something together.  At that point we really will be comfortable to say “God really is good!’   

It is my hope for you this Christmas day, with whatever you are facing this year, that you will be able to trust that the God behind the Christmas story is there with you, too.  He is — and He wants to use the particular situations in your life right now to do something special in your life.    


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director