Thank You, Lord!

Vern is an accomplished musician.  He has played guitar both professionally and in ministry.  Vern is also a drug addict and has frequently sabotaged his career and ministry by getting high.

Using right up to the time he arrived here about 10 weeks ago, Vern had managed to not be welcomed back home or at work.  In fact, when dust had all settled and the smoke had all cleared, Vern the drug addict had pawned Vern the musician’s guitar and amp in order to get some money to go and use. 

At that point, somebody brought him to Helping Up Mission.  After getting clean and beginning to think clearly again, Vern renewed his spiritual commitment to God.  He also recommitted his musical talents to the Lord and wanted to play in our worship band  – but he had pawned his equipment. 

Then one day, Vern’s sponsor showed up at the Mission with his guitar and amp!  He had learned that Vern had pawned his equipment and started paying monthly on it so the broker would not sell it.  Then, when he believed Vern was ready for it, he went and paid off the pawn broker and brought Vern’s guitar and amp to him at the Mission.  That following Friday, Vern played in our worship band at chapel with great joy and gratitude.  He was thankful to have his own equipment back…he was thankful for his spiritual and loving sponsor…he was thankful to his Heavenly Father for another change to be the man God had made him to be.  Thank you, Lord.


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director