Of all the things we do here here at Helping Up Mission, I think what we do best is offer a real sense of hope to men.  Most come here pretty beaten up – both physically and emotionally.  They generally feel defeated and just don’t see how they can turn this thing around.  But that is exactly where God want them to be.

As long as we think we have the brain-power or the willpower to do this in our own strength, or by our own ability, we are destined to come up short again.  The secret to finding real and lasting hope is a simple formula – I CAN’T, HE CAN, SO LET HIM.  

Consequently, when most guys join our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program, they have already  acknowledged there own personal I CAN’T – and it involved lots more than just drugs or alcohol.  At that point, you can also begin to see another change in their thinking.  Once they can now admit “I can’t,” they can begin to contemplate that HE CAN.  Maybe it is for the very first time, or maybe it is just the first time in quite a while, but a guy begins to really believe that God is able to help and loves him enough to be willing to help.  

At that point, there is one more critical choice to make.  If I really can’t (whatever the issue) and He really can, then I just need to decide to LET HIM do whatever it is that I can’t and He can.  

It sounds so easy – and that is exactly how God set it up.  This stuff is designed for anyone to be able to get it.  It is, in fact, the basis of the first 3 of the 12 Steps.  And it is my privilege is to be there every day in the classroom and watch the transformation begin.


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director