Hope, Answers and Transformation

Recently someone summed up what happens in our 12month residential Spiritual Recovery Program – at Helping Up Mission a man can find Hope, Answers and Transformation.  The first time I heard it, that thought rang true for me.  I have been here for 10 years and it pretty much sums up what we see happening on a daily basis.   

When a man first arrives, we try to treat him with respect and let him know all the possibilities there are for him as he stays clean, sits still and connects with God.  You can often see it in his face as he begins to believe there is Hope for his life.  Then, after he has been here a while – sitting in class, plugging into all the services we have available and connecting with some of the wonderful mentors, tutors and other volunteers who serve here – you can see something else happen. Man after man begins to find real Answers to life questions and challenges which used to baffle him. 

When most men join our Program, averaging 40 years of age and 23 years of active addiction, they have lost everything – and one year clean is an incredible challenge for them, let alone a lifetime of recovery. But Transformation happens here daily – and experiencing it one day at a time leads to an exciting spiritual walk and a lifetime of recovery.

Hope, Answers and Transformation are accessible and available to every man who comes to Helping Up Mission. Thank you for your support which helps make it all possible. 


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director