John Michael Weber is a good friend in ministry. In his own addiction, Mike became an overnight guest here at Helping Up Mission in 2001. His first night here, he had a powerful encounter with Jesus and his life has not been the same since.

Today Mike is the President of IBE (“In the Blink of an Eye”) Ministries, dedicated to helping those in addiction find the same answers Mike has. While I didn’t see the final show (and never really watched ER on television), Mike’s daily blog this morning spoke to me.  

I watched the memories of “ER” last night and then the two hour finale. I was watching through teary eyes for three hours. I wondered why, it’s a TV show for goodness sakes. The reason, which I really knew all along, was the tears weren’t because the show was emotional, which it was, the tears were for the memories of my two girls on the floor in front of the TV 15 years ago when the first episode aired.

Every Thursday night, my wife and kids forgot for a moment that dad was a mess and mom was mad. Every Thursday night we were a family united in one show we all loved. I cried because I realized that though I wrecked my life and a lot of people in my path, God allowed me moments in time, when all was well. Moments in time when my daughters knew their dad loved them no matter how messed up he was.

I believe it is those moments that God allowed me, that were the motivation, to get with God and put the demons down and be able to have more moments and build more memories. Sorry to see ER go, but I will cherish the memories of my daughters on the floor in front of the TV giggling and my wife and I sharing a smile, for the rest of my life. AA taught me to live one day at a time, God continually reminds me to take in one moment at a time. Thank you Lord.

One day at a time is also working for me. Hope you’ve jumped on board, too.

Sincerely,Pastor Gary ByersSpiritual Life Director