Hope, Answers and Transformation

I guess I really think that these three words ring true with what we see happening here at Helping Up Mission. We are pretty good at giving a man hope very early in his recovery process. As they look around at other guys walking around feeling good about themselves, they begin to believe that they can feel the same way, too. It starts to show on their faces – they are also feeling safe, accepted, appreciated and respected.

Then, after being here a while, men begin finding real answers for the struggles they have been dragging through life for years. They find the Bible to be relevant for their lives and the God of the Bible to be loving, caring and answering of prayers. They also find out that the 12 Steps are a powerful Biblical tool for a spiritual life, as well as recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Finally, after a number of months, men in our long-term Spiritual Recovery Program begin to experience a number of real life changes – transformation. Sometimes they initially see it in themselves, but many times others see it first and begin to tell them what they are seeing. This is when our guys have begun being accountable to each other and begin connecting with church, 12 Step groups, mentors and sponsors. They also begin reconnecting with family (who usually have just been waiting for evidence of this transformation to happen).

This recovery stuff really works. I get to see hope, answers and transformation happening in somebody’s life around here every day of the week. I have also experienced it personally and know the reality of living this way. I hope you are feeling some of the same – it is as accessible to you as it is to each one of us here at Helping Up Mission.


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director