“Do Your Best, Pray That It’s Blessed…

And He’ll Take Care of the Rest!”

This is the refrain from a popular Christian song written and performed by Keith Green in the 1970’s. I was newly saved by faith when I first heard this song. Oh, how I wish I took those words to heart back then. I remember it was a rockin’ song (rockin’ for Christian music, anyway), and I was apt to sing along to the words. But, as I progressed into my adult years and worked hard at what I did, I didn’t always seek God’s guidance, direction and blessing. I guess I assumed that I would do what made sense to me, personally, and God would naturally bless my deeds – isn’t that what Christians get, blessings from God?? Right?? Well, as I came to realize, if I wasn’t in right relationship with God, adoring Him for the gift of salvation, and living my life as a “living sacrifice”, then my works weren’t worth all that much. I couldn’t succeed on my own.
The Bible speaks to the proper division of labor between Himself and us. God’s plans for us include the work we are to do, and the work He is to contribute, resulting in the extraordinary occurring in ordinary lives and circumstances. We can’t expect to simply lay back and wait for God to hand us an abundant life, filled with blessings and an absence of struggles.
So, I have found new, profound meaning in this song. I see God’s plan for me – His challenge for me, really. Yes – I am called to do my best, but my “best” must be in accordance with His purpose and plan for my life. Then – His abundant blessings will flow! And finally, I can rest assured that God knows His part in my life (He designed it), and that He will truly “Take Care of the Rest.”
With that…I’ll keep coming’ back,
Kris Sharrar
Director of Development