Just One Night Can Make a Difference

We have lots of wonderful friends who stand with us here at Helping Up Mission.  In many cases, their lives (or at least their families) have been touched by addictions and they want to do something constructive to help somebody else.  In most cases, they have a spiritual connection with the Lord and He compels them to do something of meaning and value for others.  Either way, Helping Up Mission, and all the men we serve here, are the beneficiaries of so much love from so many wonderful people. 

One of the people whose life was touched while he was here at Helping Up Mission is Mike Weber.  I mentioned Mike in my blog last week and his book From Junk to Jesus: In the Blink of an Eye (2006), where he told his life’s story.  Mike never entered our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program, he just stayed as an overnight guest for about a month.  He recently wrote about his experience and I want to share an excerpt with you:

On November 19, 2001, the Lord took decision making out of my hands and I found myself at the Helping Up Mission. After 30 years of drug addiction, rehabs and relapses and perpetual homelessness, I remember feeling relieved. I was a bad husband, bad father, bad son and out of touch with all family and friends and was sure that I created some sins that were not yet in the books.  I was falling hopelessly out of control and I landed in the arms of Jesus. So my stay at the Helping Up, from the first night and all nights to follow, was being upon, what I know now to be,  Hallowed’ ground.  Jesus leads me there still today, to give back a little of the magnitude of Blessings given me, and I always feel like I have come home.

I am co-founder and President of In the Blink of an Eye Ministries (www.intheblinkofaneyeministries.com), a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing families care, comfort and solutions and hope through Christ, to all who suffer from addictions.

I am the author of From Junk to Jesus, In the Blink of an Eye, and have signed the contract for my second book, The Un-Holy Trinity, Me, Myself and I, scheduled for release in the first part of 2010.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Mike is presently working in a drug rehabilitation facility in the area and also counseling troubled teens.  He is a good friend of Helping Up Mission.  We are a place where people can get better.  One of the reasons is because of the wonderful people who invest their lives down here and make a difference. 

You may not have written a book or worked in a rehab facility, but if you are reading this, it is probably because you are one of those caring and sharing people who have invested in the men God has called us to serve here, too.  Thank you for your eternal investment in the lives of men right here and now – it does make a difference!

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director