Whose Angel Am I?

The Bible provides numerous accounts of angels visiting earth to deliver God’s words – His Messages – to seemingly ordinary people. In many accounts, the messages began with “Fear Not” or “Have no fear”, words meant to calm the person and give them peace. Next, the messages tended to provide instructions for the person, or pre-knowledge of a future event. The circumstances may have been different for each person, each angel, or each circumstance, but the common characteristic is God’s love for the person, and His wonderful plans.
I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that God continues to use angels to deliver His messages for us, to guide us, to protect us, to lead us. He has done so for me – in times that I recognize, and likely in many times that I don’t. One such occasion was March 25, 2006, when I knew I needed help. I had entered the Emergency Room of a hospital in Baltimore to acknowledge my drug addiction. And I was willing to do anything the medical staff directed me to, so that I could get help and have food and shelter. Without their assistance, I would have been a homeless drug addict on the streets of the city.
But the entire ER staff showed me mercy, gentleness, and compassion; from the receptionist to the nurses, to the ER doctor on duty. In fact, it was that doctor who directed me to Helping Up Mission. He could have sent me anywhere listed on the hospital’s referral sheet. Yet, he made a call on my behalf to Helping Up Mission to reserve a spot for me. He was my angel that day!
Now, if God puts angels in our path – seemingly ordinary people – in the right place and the right time to help us, doesn’t it make sense that God would also use us in the same way? To be His messengers of love, mercy and compassion in the lives of other people. Here’s a poem-style prayer I wrote on March 25, 2008 – 2 years after I found a home at Helping Up Mission:
Whose Angel am I today, Father?
On whose path will You place me?
To whose ears shall I speak of Your grace?
To whose eyes shall I reflect Your love?
To whose mind shall I bear witness of the Gospel?
To whose heart shall I reveal Your mercy?
Because of Your love, grace and mercy, Father, countless others have been placed on my path in times past…
So…. Whose Angel am I today, Father?

With that…I’ll keep coming’ back,
Kris Sharrar
Director of Development