Our Most Effective Minsitry

In my work at Helping Up Mission, I continue to be in awe of God’s love for us, and His power to turn the ugly into the beautiful. And it happened again a few days ago… But first, a little background…
In his best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren writes that we’re created for five specific purposes. And one – Purpose #4 – can be particularly relevant for the person in recovery. Purpose #4 is titled “You Were Shaped for Serving God”. I won’t re-state the details of the purpose, but what has stuck with me is that “…your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts.
However, this can happen ONLY when we make ourselves available to God’s guidance and direction, so that HE can fulfill the promise of Romans 8:28.
I share this because I was reminded of this purpose over the weekend when I visited Grace Community Church in Columbia to attend the monthly Men’s Breakfast . I was asked to represent Helping Up Mission, and talk about our volunteer mentor program. In the opening of the session, Mike Weber, a church member, gave a short version of his testimony – that 8 years ago he addicted to alcohol – and homeless as a result of his addiction. Somehow, Mike found his way to Helping Up Mission as a guest of our Emergency Overnight Services, and spent some nights with us. He witnessed to God’s infinite love and healing power, and his own faith and recovery journeys.
I don’t know if Mike has read Pastor Rick’s book, but in the years since he was at Helping Up Mission, he has lived the professional and personal life of pursuing his God-led personal ministry out of his deepest hurts. Mike has gained training and experience as a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Technician, and currently works for a Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling company in Howard County. More than his new vocation, Mike has co-founded a ministry called In The Blink Of An Eye Ministries. In this ministry, Mike partners with churches and other organizations bring critically needed ministry and counseling for those in active addiction – and their family members.
Mike’s story is truly an inspiration and authentic testimony to God’s power to redeem our human, sinful nature for His infinite purpose! And I was thankful for the positive response of the men at the breakfast who want to connect with our current clients at Helping Up Mission!
With that, I’ll keep coming back…
Kris Sharrar
Director of Development