Transforming Broken Men and Building a Better Baltimore

HUM’s ministry promise to Baltimore and beyond is our commitment to Transforming Broken Men and Building a Better Baltimore.  While we have been in ministry since 1885, and focusing on homeless men in Baltimore since the mid-1900’s, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that we began our 12 month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.  The Board of Directors recognized that the best way to help homeless men in this city was to help them address the addiction issues with which they struggled in a long-term setting.

While we stand in constant need of improvement in many areas, one of the things we do best around here is offer a man hope, answers and empowerment to be able to change.  Over the long haul those changes lead to true transformation.  Again, our Board of Directors recognized the value of providing attractive and inviting facilities in which our men will live, work, study and grow in their spiritual recovery process.  So, at the beginning of the new millennium they made the commitment to transform the 1000 block of East Baltimore Street in order to transform these broken men.  The expansion and transformation of our campus is almost as supernatural as the change in the lives of the men who live here.

The Mission’s strategic plan then involved utilizing the skills and spiritual commitment of graduates of this Program to make a difference in the lives of the men who follow them.  Today half of the entire Mission staff are graduates and they are supported by an equal number of graduate interns.  Together graduate staff, graduate interns, past alumni, the new graduates each week and even the undergraduates of our Spiritual Recovery Program are committed to building a better Baltimore in which we will all be proud to raise our families. 

We do understand that such a change can only happen from the ground up, a grassroots approach.  So, we are committed to having it start with us and then passing it on to anybody who else who is looking for hope, answers and empowerment. 


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director