Fridays at Helping Up Mission

Every day is interesting and entertaining around here. Today was unique for both on my list. This morning, 5 managers from Bank of America came back to do another round of mock interviews with men who either are already or shortly will be looking for jobs – and they met with 46 of our guys. Another Bank of America employee also came today to do his weekly credit and banking problem consultations with another 5 guys. They are providing just invaluable services to the men in our long-term Spiritual Recovery Program. 

Then this afternoon, at our Friday chapel service we gave out 25 educational Mini Perfecta awards for perfect attendance in this quarter of high school diploma preparation classes. After completing these classes, each man will take a placement test to determine where he fits into the GED (examinations) or EDP (External Diploma Program) diploma track. Then we handed out 8 Certificate of Completions for our Food Service Preparation course, of which 3 of the guys already have jobs. Today we had one graduate, Fred, a kitchen intern who also completed the Food Service course and is now ready to go out and look for work. 

Finally, to top off the day the Baltimore Orioles’ pitcher, Jeremy Guthrie, also stopped by to meet the guys who were moving up to the next phase of our program today and also gave a good word to all the guys in the chapel. 

Just another day at Helping Up Mission. Man, I love my job!

Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director