Christmas Decorations

While the Christmas season is not an easy time for everyone, for most of the guys at Helping Up Mission it is a fun time of giving and sharing.  One of the reasons it is so special is because of all the wonderful folks who stop by to do nice things for us here.  Another reason is the annual Christmas decorations which Dave and Carole McQuay have been putting up all across our campus.  Truly a labor of love on their part, Dave and Carole have been doing this for as long as I have been here (finishing my 11th year).  Their efforts help create the holiday spirit and make the whole facility feel more like home. 

As with years gone by, men in our program also join in and help put up the decorations.  This year they had quite a crew as they decorated 4 buildings with over a dozen trees and other Christmas decorations.  Vernon, Charles, Ralph, Elgar, James and a bunch of other guys helped get everything out of storage and set up, along with In Soon who stopped by to help.

There are so many wonderful people who do so many wonderful things for us here, year-round, and we are so grateful.  But during the holidays there is a special push to share with us and remind us that we are not alone and that other people care. 

Christmas day will be a particularly special day, as we open the doors and feed anybody and everybody who stops by.  Again, most of the food has been donated for this event and every meal will be served by volunteers who also come to share with us that day. 

From the board of directors, staff and residents of Helping Up Mission, we thank all of you who have done so much to help us this year.  Whether you stopped by to drop something off, came to volunteer time, write a check or specially remembered us in prayer, we are very grateful.  Merry Christmas – and come join us for Christmas dinner on Saturday.

One Christmas at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director