Senator Frank Kelly in Chapel

We have a number of folks stop by our Helping Up Mission campus every day.  Some come to visit guys in the program, others come to take a tour of our facilities and still others come to volunteer time or drop off gifts or checks.  We regularly have men come in and share their own story with us.  Earlier this year we had the Ravens Michael Oher,  the Orioles Brian Roberts and Jeremy Guthrie and Texas Rangers (and this season’s American League MVP) Josh Hamilton come and share about the ups and downs of their personal journeys and the Lord’s empowerment in their lives.    This week Senator Frank Kelly, Jr, along with sons Frank III and Bryan and Kelly as well as CFO Craig Horner, came and spoke to the guys in chapel. 

Senator Kelly, his whole family and their business (Kelly and Associates) have supported our efforts here for quite a few years and have visited on a number of occasions.  But this was the first time we had the Senator share the experience, strength and hope of his faith journey with the men in our Spiritual Recovery Program.  While born in New York City, he has lived a long time in our state and represented Baltimore County in the Maryland State Senate for 12 years.  Serving still today on more boards and committees than you can count on both hands, the Senator has devoted his life to public service, business success and civic involvement. 

Yet, he had his own personal and career struggles and needed the Lord just as much as every other guy sitting in the room.  After chapel was over, Senator Kelly stayed around and took time to talk with every guy who wanted to speak with him.  It was obvious that he was as pleased to talk with them as they were to speak with him.

It is meaningful to the men of Helping Up Mission whenever anyone comes by and does anything to help us, and we are all grateful.  But it is especially valuable when successful people come and share how they had to rely on God and follow His plan, one day at a time, just like the rest of us.  Thanks to you all for continuing to remember us down here. 

Always and only, one day at a time.
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director