Mission Gazette

Today, at Helping Up Mission, we published the first ever edition of the Mission Gazette (Volume 1 Issue 1). It was the brain-child of Richard, a graduation intern who oversees our Innovative Learning Center.  Assisting to get the idea off the ground and contributing to this first issue were Edward (Assistant Editor) and Journalists Jamin, James and Steve. This issue also includes a poem by Rob, a Library column by Ryan, a pen-and-ink drawing by Stephen and the personal story of Grover, one of our other program residents.

The first issue is really well done and covers all aspects of life here at Helping Up Mission, with the lead article talking about Graduation 2011 (in which Editor-in-chief Richard will be participating!) and a call to sing in the Graduation Choir. They are also asking fellow residents to contribute for future issues by sharing their own story, poetry and artwork. In addition, the Gazette staff calls for anyone to submit a official name for the new paper – with the guy who submits the best name receiving a $5 gift certificate from McDonalds! If you want to submit a name yourself – or maybe want to add to the prize for the winner – you can just pass it along to me and I will get it to the Gazette staff.

This new paper is just another example of the talents, interests and abilities of the men of Helping Up Mission. The idea was started by them and developed by them and they have brought the first of many issue to fruition. Thanks guys for all the great work (and if I submit the winning name, can I have the gift certificate?).

One issue at a time,
Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director