Most – the movie

This spring, Helping Up Mission Clinical Manager Mike Rallo, showed a YouTube trailer from a 30-minute award-winning video called “Most.” Filmed in the Czech Republic and Poland and released in 2003, the movie won a number of awards and honors, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Academy Awards. Recorded in the Czech language with English subtitles – “Most” being the Czech word for “bridge” – the movie is often known by that English title, “The Bridge.”

The trailer, with a musical background and English subtitles, was about seven minutes long and skillfully presented the movie’s short, but powerful, message. It centers on a single father, his eight year-old son and a fateful day at the father’s job as a railroad bridge tender. Not overtly Christian, the father-son story is none-the-less a deliberate and powerful illustration of the love commitment of God the Father and Son for people of the world.

The trailer video was very meaningful to our guys. One of them, Matt, went home for the weekend and wanted to find it on the internet to show to his wife. The computer at home wasn’t working so Matt couldn’t get online. Concerned about her husband making inappropriate choices, his wife wouldn’t let him take her car to his sister’s house to find the video online. So Matt had to just let his plan go.

His wife did go to the store later and, listening to Shine 95.1 FM, heard about a bridge movie illustrating the Easter story. She went home and excitedly told Matt about the movie. He said this was the movie he had been trying to find on the internet for her. Well, this time she let him go to his sister’s house and that evening they watched it together.

If you haven’t heard about “Most” yet, you might want to see the YouTube trailer. While there are numerous “Most-the Bridge” YouTube sites, I would suggest this one with English subtitles and musical background <>. I also got on the official “Most” website <> and purchased a deluxe copy of the full movie, including a “the making of” section. 

May God use this movie to turn the hearts of many toward Him.

Forever yours,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director