Helping Up Mission’s HUM-ANON

You may be familiar with Al-Anon or Nar-Anon. Both are 12 Step support groups designed to help families and friends of alcoholics or drug addicts. 

This weekend (Saturday August 13, 2011), I have the privilege of facilitating our first HUM-ANON for relatives and loved ones of the men of Helping Up Mission. It is an opportunity for attendees to focus on their own struggles and concerns, as well as learn about the characteristics of addiction and how to best support their loved ones – without enabling them. 

Come to the front door of 1029 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD, 20212, check in and receive a name tag at the front desk.  The group will be meeting in the Executive Dining Room.  Unfortunately, child care is not available. 


5:00pm – 5:10pm: Opening prayer (Serenity Prayer) followed by a brief explanation of the HUM-ANON meeting rules and guidelines and introduction of new members

5:10pm – 5:40pm: Guest speaker share their personal experience, strength, and hope

5:40pm – 5:55pm: Open sharing format

5:55pm – 6:00pm: Announcements and closing prayer (Lord’s Prayer)


1.      HUM-ANON meetings are not classes or group therapy sessions. We do not teach lessons or provide counseling. We simply share our personal experiences, addiction, recovery, and spiritual growth.

2.      We respect the anonymity of our members and ask everyone who attends our meetings to please do the same.

3.      What’s said in the meeting stays in the meeting — please do not talk about who our members are or what they share in meetings.

4.      We respect the anonymity of our HUM program residents, and will refrain from discussing them by name.

5.      HUM-ANON meetings are not the time to discuss HUM program policies or philosophies.

6.      It’s important to start and end on time.

7.      Be open minded — in HUM-ANON, all opinions are valuable and none are wrong.

    One family at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director