Praying You Through

Brandon has been with us just a short time. The spiritual focus that we have at Helping Up Mission is not something he grew up with, but he has been very open. 

So one thing he decided to do was put his son, Zach, and his mother, Cindy, on the daily prayer sheet. The sheet is new every day, so if they want me to pray for something again tomorrow, they have to write it on the sheet again tomorrow. Brandon has been doing that daily.

What he didn’t know was that other people have asked for a transcript of our prayer list and promised to pray with us about what is on our hearts every day, too.

Brandon has been thinking about prayers and he wondered if anyone out there was actually praying for him. Noting that he had left a lot of wreckage behind him, Brandon couldn’t really think of anyone who might be regularly keeping him in prayer. 

This week in the cafeteria, a lady who volunteered her time filling water glasses , looked at his name badge and said, “do you have a son named Zach and is your mother Cindy?”

A bit taken back, Brandon answered yes. “I thought you might be,” she said. “I have been praying for guys on your prayer sheet and remember Brandon’s regular prayers his son Zach and his mom Cindy.”

With 400 guys on campus, Brandon said it was pretty hard to believe that she remembered him and his prayers. Uncertain that anyone was praying for him, Brandon now knows that a lady who doesn’t know him, his son or his mother is praying for them all every day! As we say around here, God is good – all the time!    

One prayer at a time,

Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director

PS This week, one of our other prayer partners sent this link to remind us that someone is praying us through. I know you will enjoy this: