The Gift of Despair: Part 1

Dave arrived at Helping Up Mission in December. Life had just not worked out well for him and he had no interest in looking to God for any help. 

While growing up under difficult circumstances, Dave had experienced some good times in life. He had been married to the same woman for over 25 years and they have a son who has grown up and moved on with his life. Dave had a couple of pretty good jobs and he and his wife owned their own home. Still there was no sense of direction or answers to life’s questions and there were plenty of struggles. 

At one point, Dave lost his job but didn’t want to tell his wife so he continued to act like everything was okay. He left home every morning, as if to go to work and return home every evening as if he had been there. On Fridays he gave his wife money from his unemployment check as if it was his paycheck. 

When that ran out, he tried robbing banks to cover not having a paycheck! Was his wife ever surprised when he was finally arrested! Dave spent most of the next 4 years in the federal prison system.

Up to this point, addiction was not part of his story. But ongoing personal and family struggles led to Dave eventually picking up alcohol, losing jobs and even leaving his wife for years at a time. He finally found himself living alone and being evicted. Dave decided there was nothing to live for and attempted suicide. He laid down on the floor of his apartment to die…

One Life at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director