High School Diplomas

Our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program is a long-term holistic approach to drug and alcohol recovery. While the spiritual focus is central, we also help men address medical and mental health concerns as well as provide vocational and educational opportunities.
Our educational department gives men a chance to make some real changes in their lives. Mission staff, interns, volunteer tutors and even fellow Program members help guys develop their educational skills from basic literacy to college coursework.

In Adult Basic Education, men get support with reading and writing (although just getting a man a pair of reading glasses often does wonders!). There are also computer classes on a couple of different levels. Tutor-led college prep courses help guys get ready for college and the Maryland Educational Opportunity Center, one of our community partners, helps them get enrolled.
But central to our educational services is the high school diploma program. Since 1978, the State of Maryland has offered high school diplomas through both the familiar General Education Diploma (EGD) and the not-so-well-known External Diploma Program (EDP – see my blog 7/13/09).
From July – December 2011, we had 24 HUM program men earn their high school diplomas (15 by EDP and 9 by GED). Since the beginning of 2012 we have had 4 men earn their diplomas (2 each by EDP and GED), including Vaughn, who I mentioned last week see 3/7/12).
Thanks to staff members Theresa Love, Maria Poole and graduate intern Mark for leading this wonderful work.  It is really making a permanent difference in the lives of so many guys.
One Diploma at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director