“Never put off tomorrow what you can do today” (attributed to Thomas Jefferson)
Last week I took my assistant, graduate intern Dave, to the MVA to renew his driver’s license. He got in trouble with it 4 years ago and it was suspended.
Just weeks ago Dave finally paid his fine and was now ready to get his license back by taking the driver’s written and driving test. We went that afternoon to begin the process.
As it turned out, paying the fine released Dave’s license from suspension. He was surprised and tried to explain to the lady that it was still suspended. She said not in the MVA system (!), so he decided to go with it, paid the fee for a new license and we were on our way.
“If I had only known that all I had to do was pay the fine and I could have had my license back,” Dave said, “I would have paid it sooner.” How often have I put things off because I just didn’t know…
For 3 years, folks from Bank of America have been coming here to provide financial counseling to our guys. They pull credit reports, help us understand what it says and offer suggestions for what to do next.
Kevin is one of the chaplain’s assistants who supports what I do here. Last week he met with one of those counselors and viewed his credit report. So many things weren’t on his report which he expected to see. Kevin said to me, “if I had only known all those things weren’t on there I would have done this long before now.” How many times have I said that!
I don’t know what you are putting off today, but you might just want to go take a look.
Just for today,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director