Andy and Cheese

After chapel last Friday, Andy grabbed me to tell me a story.  We tend to feel like family here at Helping Up Mission and Andy has been here on four different occasions during my 12 years.  In fact, I noticed the gray on his hair when we were talking – we are growing old together. 

Andy is a true chef and the guys always appreciate the fruit of his labors.  On Friday, he told me that one of the new guys working in the kitchen asked about cheese to put on a dish we were serving.  Being the HUM veteran that he is, Andy explained that our weekly menus are created based on the food we have – some donated and some purchased.  If there is cheese this week, we will use it and if there isn’t we will just have to be okay without it.

Then Andy gave the new guy a bit of insight about how God works at HUM.  “From my experience here, when we really need something, it has a strange way of showing up,” he said.  With that, food prep continued.

Less than 40 minutes later, Andy was told that there was a delivery outside.  He asked for the guys to just handle it, but was told the deliveryman wanted someone to sign for the delivery.  “What does he have?” Andy asked, but no one knew.  So he went out to sign for…cheese – 600 pounds of it! 

It’s like a miracle!  And it’s just another day, another delivery, another meal at Helping Up Mission.

One good meal at a time,

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director