JJJ’s Guys Baby Shower

HUM Clinical Manager, Dr. Masica Jordan, is going to have a baby.  His name is Jamar Jeremiah Jordan and he will arrive sometime in early September.

While there are 3 other women on the HUM staff, 3 women on the HUM board of directors and 3 women counselors working with our guys in the building – Masica is the only woman on our Program staff with 11 guys.

When we found out she was going to have a son, us boys decided to throw a baby shower.  The only problem was none of us had ever been to a baby shower and we didn’t exactly know what to do.  But we figured it out!

First, we decided that only guys should be invited to Jamar’s baby shower.  In fact, the only reason Masica could come was that she brought Jamar with her.  Next we decided we didn’t want to waste a perfectly good evening for the shower, so we had it at lunch one day.

We wanted it to be a catered affair, but that was too expensive. So we had the HUM kitchen bring something up that included chocolate cake.  We were certain this was what Jamar would want us to do.  We also told Masica that she might want to bring some pregnant lady food for her.

We all got gifts for Jamar, but agreed he would not want us to waste time or paper by wrapping them.  Plastic bags from the grocery store worked well.  We did let Masica open Jamar’s gifts, figured it would be too long a wait till Jamar would open them. 

Got the whole thing over in less than an hour and Masica said we all did real good with the gifts!  I think I’ve got this baby shower thing down pretty good now.  If you ever need any help, just ask.

One kid at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director