“Hi, I’m John and I’m an Alcoholic”

John is a Partner with Womble and Carlyle, and 5 years ago he pioneered a program to provide access to legal help for men in Helping Up Mission.  John, Kevin and others from the firm have been coming here monthly ever since, offering a listening ear and advice to men in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.  

Yesterday we brought 100 of our newest guys into the chapel and John shared his story with them.  He was an alcoholic and an attorney.  One day he told God he desperately needed help over his alcohol addiction.  But, as an attorney, he also told God he needed proof. 
That day John had a spiritual experience with Jesus Christ that has empowered him in recovery for over 20 years.  The change in his life was so dramatic that his mother stopped drinking from that day, as well – till her passing last year. 

Yesterday day he said to the guys in our Program, “If you are in Helping UP Mission, I am your lawyer!”  Of course, he also explained the parameters of his ability to help but it was a powerful statement, complete with all that “attorney-client privilege” stuff.

Helping Up Mission has so many wonderful community partners who bring their skills and passion to serve the men in our programs.  Thanks to all of you – you are making an eternal investment in the lives of men who matter.

One Case at a Time,

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director