Another Chris W (see ‘07 grad Chris in my CW1 blog of 9/19/12) who also served as my Chaplain’s Assistant stopped by this past week.  Graduated from our program last year, Chris was 3 years clean on Friday.  He is back at his old job, living in his own home and reconnected with his son again. 

Coming from another recovery program, Chris was 8 months clean when he first arrived here.  We told him that he didn’t get credit with us for “time served” elsewhere and would still have to do our 12-month program to graduate – and he did! 

When he stopped by after work last week he was still dressed up with shirt and tie – he was shining.  While we were talking, Herb – who has been here about 8 weeks – walked up and recognized him. He was astonished. Three years ago they were roommates in a recovery house together and Herb said Chris had alcohol stashed everywhere.  They both left that facility dirty and Herb just assumed Chris drank himself to death.  

Recovery was really speaking to Herb – seeing this “dead” guy alive, well, shining and 3 years clean.  I first met Chris when he went into recovery and have watched the transformation process from the beginning till now.  Always and only one day at a time, this stuff really does work! 

I’m so proud of my CWs from the HUM!

One Chaplain’s Assistant at a time,

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director