Old Friends

A couple weeks ago I received a phone call from Al who attended elementary, junior and senior high schools with me in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  We haven’t seen each other in 43 years!

Al said he has been supporting Helping Up Mission for a while because he believed in what we do, but didn’t really know the organization.  So, after writing the most recent check, he had a prompting to read some of the literature he received with the thank you note for his last check . 

The cover article in our newsletter always tells the story of one of our guys and he found it compelling.  Turning to finish it on page three, Al saw my column next to it.  He recognized the name, but said the photo looked like my father – 43 years ago!  So he called.

It was a wonderful conversation and I invited him to come to our campus for a tour.  Al shared about his family and career and that he was in recovery, himself.  So I invited him to share his story with our guys in my classes. 

Al came last week and new HUM graduate Craig gave him a tour of our campus.  We had a great lunch and talk together.  In my classes Al shared his story – in recovery 21 years last Friday and that this was the first time he ever shared his story publically.   

Al also wrote a check in support of Gayle and me for the Baltimore Running Festival!  In addition, he said he will be back and wants to do more things around here.  Sure is nice to have friends, even ones I haven’t seen in 43 years!

One friend at a time,

Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director