It’s All True!

My wife and I have spent the week in Mikwaukee at the annual meeting of the Near East Archaeological Society, where I serve as the annual program chair. We have had wonderful presenations by both established scholars with international reputations as well as young up-and-coming ones.

The subjects have been varied but all Biblically-related and mostly archaeological in nature.  I used to present papers, myself, but my present duties (this is my 6th year as chair) are all I can handle.  Also, this way, I get to choose the speakers and subjects which are most interesting to me!  The HUM guys call that a “dope-fiend move!”

But what I want to say to you is that all the speakers keep saying the same thing – from every conceivable field of study – the Bible can be trusted as a historically reliable document!  Over and over again, things they are founding in excavation and scientific research are consistent with what the Bible says. 

So, if you are struggling with life today, I just want you to know that the Bible can be trusted for answers.  Archaeology demonstrates that we can trust it for history (the past) and – if we can trust it for the past – we can also trust it for the future (eternity).

But, where the rubber meets the road for most of us is today.  And, since we can trust the Bible for both the past and future, we should also be willing to trust it for the present – learning how to live one day at a time.

Still One Day at a Time Here,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director